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Pickleball is a fun family sport. We enjoyed it so much we wanted to share that love of the game with our local community through Chatsworth Pickleball and our marketplace.

About the Marketplace is a place to rent, sell, swap, and share pickleball goods and services with other members of the community. We hope you can find a great private court to play on, connect with a coach who will help you level up, and find the equipment and gear you need.

Part of what we love about the pickleball community is that it’s all about supporting and helping one another. We hope this marketplace can do the same. It’s a good way to share what you’ve learned, whether it’s passing on tips or breathing new life into old gear.

“Finally, A Gym Culture Where Everyone is Welcome”

Anytime you can get together as a family, learn something new, have fun, and get exercise—well, you’re winning on so many levels. Our family got into this during the pandemic, spurred by my son when a neighbor invited him to play. A month later he asked me to try. Fast-forward a few months and every Friday night we gather with several other families on the pickleball court—we play, we chat, the kids bike and skate between the courts. It’s a community and we love it!


As an entrepreneur in the tech world who loves coaching and mentoring to develop that founder spirit, I saw pickleball as a teaching moment for my kids. You can turn your passion into something useful to the wider community. So that’s what we’re trying to create here. 


Hope to see you on the courts!



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