Family Events

Pickleball can be a great family event. Here are a few suggestions for family events and what you need to make them happen.

Pickleball birthday party

Throw a pickleball party for your child’s next birthday. Pickleball levels the playing field so anyone can play and have fun, regardless of their athletic ability. That makes for a fun party that doesn’t leave anyone out.

Hire a coach to teach the basics and coordinate games. A pro can keep everyone focused and engaged, while answering questions and correcting technique. You can actually enjoy the party while the kids laugh and learn.

Rent a ball machine to fire balls and give everyone a chance to practice. The machine never stops for a piece of cake, so the party keeps going and the kids don’t have to wait around getting bored.

What you’ll need:


  • Dedicated court
  • Pickleball ball machine
  • Coach
  • Paddles for all the kids
  • Lots of extra balls (five balls per kid is a good number)

Pickleball get together

It’s easy to get pickleball stuff, whether you need to rent a court, buy some gear, or book time with a coach:

As families are ready to gather again, pickleball is the ideal activity. It’s easy for anyone to learn and play, no matter their athletic skill. So everyone can have fun while you catch up. Plus, it’s a good outdoor activity you can play at a distance for the kids who haven’t yet received their COVID-19 shot.

Get enough courts for the size of your group, grab some paddles and balls, and you’re good to go. Pickleball is normally played in doubles, so that’s four people playing on one court. You’ll probably want one court for every eight people. Games go pretty quick, so it’s ideal to rotate on and off the court. But if kids have to wait more than one round to get their turn, they might get bored.

Ideally you’ll want to find a court near a playground and a picnic area so you can have something else for kids to do and share a meal as well. Look for a grill or pack your picnic basket.

What you’ll need:

  • Dedicated court
  • Enough paddles for everyone playing at one time, so four paddles per court
  • Lots of extra balls (five balls per court is usually good).