how it works

The Pickleball marketplace for Chatsworth and the West Valley where you can find a private court, connect with a coach, and buy/sell/swap gear and equipment.

start by signing up

You can get started by creating your own login. You can use your Facebook account or create a new account with us.

You’ll need to confirm your email address before your account can be created.

buy pickleball stuff

It’s easy to get pickleball stuff, whether you need to rent a court, buy some gear, or book time with a coach:

  1. Find the listing you’re interested in. Be sure to note the location and if the listing has any special terms (e.g., waiver, damage deposit, etc.). Extra terms will be handled directly between you and the seller. You can click on the seller’s profile to see comments and reviews, or contact the seller directly if you have questions. Be sure to pay attention to any cancellation policy.
  2. When you’re ready, click the appropriate button (‘Buy,’ ‘Rent,’ ‘Request,’ etc.) to start the transaction. You can review the details and then proceed to payment. Payments are handled by PayPal.
  3. Once the transaction is approved, you’ll be able to contact the seller and arrange details.
  4. Remember to leave a review to reward friendly buyers and help strengthen this marketplace.


post a new listing

Creating a new listing is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Start by selecting your category. What do you have to list? Maybe you have some old gear like paddles or balls you’re ready to sell or give away. Or maybe it’s equipment to rent, like a portable net or a ball machine.
  2. Next select what type of listing you have—are renting, selling, giving away, or something else?
  3. Next you’ll fill in the details for your listing, including a title, description, price, location, photos, and more. The more detail you can give the better. Be sure to include a cancellation policy. 
  4. Submit your listing for review. Once it’s been approved, you’ll be notified by email and everyone can see the listing.
  5. When someone purchases or requests your listing, you’ll get a notification with details on how to contact the buyer and finalize the deal.
  6. Remember to leave a review to reward friendly sellers and help strengthen this marketplace.

Policies and Help

This pickleball marketplace should echo the values and sportsmanship we want to see on the court. So be kind and respectful.



If you’ve got questions or need help, please reach out to our admin team. We’ll do our best to answer your questions and get you back in the game.


Good faith is important in any marketplace, but we also back that up with a review system. Buyers and sellers can review one another and those reviews are public, encouraging or discouraging future transactions. So it’s smart to be on your best behavior. Mistakes happen, so have some grace with your reviews. Sometimes a simple conversation is a better way forward than a negative review.


Life happens and plans change. Sellers should include clear cancellation policies and buyers should pay attention to those policies. Some listings will have generous cancellation policies—maybe allowing same day cancellation—and others will be more strict—either not allowing cancellation or requiring several days’ notice. Be respectful of people’s time and communicate any cancellation in a timely manner. You might be able to reschedule or contact us to process a refund.


If a problem arises between a buyer and a seller, either party can initiate a dispute by clicking the ‘dispute’ button. This will notify all parties and involve our admin team to sort out the issue. Please note that our decision is final. After disputes are resolved, both parties have the option to leave a public review of the other party. So it’s a good idea to work things out whenever you can.


If a seller needs to process a refund, that has to be done through our admin team manually. Note that some of the transaction fees can not be refunded. Please reach out to us and we’ll take care of any refunds.


This marketplace connects buyers and sellers and creates a community. But you should always be cautious and use at your own risk. Take appropriate precautions when interacting with strangers and especially when meeting strangers. Always meet in a well-lit, public place. Any inappropriate behavior, abuse, bullying, or other negative behavior will not be tolerated and result in being blocked from the community.